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  • Patrick Ascher


170 thousand customers cannot be wrong. That's how many CLS cars Mercedes has sold since 2004.

Now the second generation of the four door coupé is heading out onto the roads.

The Mercedes CLS is s stylish, quick and comforatble coupé with room for four passangers and their luggage. A hugely desirable car it features a punchy, refined V6 diesel engine, a generous equipment list and precise steering.

The Mercedes CLS is a sleek, low-slung four-door luxury coupé that is designed to blend desirability with practicality.

The CLS is definitely a tempting choice, with a plush interior, impressive refinement and comparatively low running costs.

It is a true performance icon with classy feeling materials used throughout. The attractively designed cabin is almost as stylish as the sleek interior.

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