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  • Patrick Ascher


Thanks to CANDID MAGAZINE and the lovely editor in chief Courtney Blackman I was able to attend the Candid Magazine party during LCM 2016 and most of all the fabulous Candid Magazine private dinner at Century Soho Club.

Fashitect Blogger Toni Tran, Tv-presenter Prince Cassius, Vlogger Joey London, model Diego Barrueco, writer Jaime Jan,

fashion entrepreneur Oliver Proudlock, Century Club general manager Ronald Holmberg and Mia Marke made up an amazing crowd of guests. We were greated with champagne and flavored Evian water and then went on to wine and tequila shots.

The dinner was low carb with all sorts of vegetables and salad and salmon and Ronald ordered some extra steaks which were amazing.

After the dinner we got some great gift bags and went to the grooming room to get our hair done.

Then Courtney ordered an Uber to the Joshua Kane fashion show which was held at a church in Shoreditch.

What an amazing day at London Collections Men June 2016!

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