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  • Patrick Ascher


The Germany based label BENVENUTO stands for high quality menswear influenced by the

close relationship to Italy and its first class weaving mills like Cerruti and Guabello,

BENVENUTO has two different labels, the business style BLACK LABEL and the

casual PURPLE LABEL which indicates a smart business style.

BENVENUTO uses premium fabrics like S 120 and S 150, mixes fine wool blends with

stretch elasticity and guarantees an ideal and luxury wearing comfort.

Furthermore it offers 3D qualities made of pure wool, natural stretch,fine wool blend, bi-stretch

modern retro inspired design in 3D optics, slim fit trousers with lower waist and small foot width.

Beside its collections Benvenuto is famous for its broad range of premium suits as mix & match systems

which are offered with NOS-service for all seasons. Different cuts and wide variety of choices of qualities

and designs offer the advantages of tailor-made suits. As inventor of the mix & match systems Beside its


BENVENUTO convinces its customers with innovation, reliability and service as well as

product competence and enjoys best reputation as the innovative premium supplier in this market.

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