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  • Patrick Ascher


As a Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer I do have the chance to eat at the best restaurants from time to time which serve the most luxurious Gourmet Food at the most outstanding places. For example at the ICEQ Sölden in 3000m altitude or at the Ca D´Oro in St. Moritz during the Polo World Championship.

I wouldn't eat Gourmet everyday cause you loose the excitement of this cuisine but every special time I like to indulge and add some great champagne like Rosé Moet et Chandon or Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot.

In the following pictures I point out some very special places and Gourmet restaurants in Austria, Switzerland and Germany:


Cá D´Oro St. Moritz (SWITZERLAND)

Schaufelspitz Restaurant Stubaier Gletscher (AUSTRIA)

CHESA Hotel Seehof Davos (SWITZERLAND)

Le Moét Le Meridien Hotel Vienna (AUSTRIA)

ESSENCE Restaurant München (GERMANY)

Steirerstöckl Wien (AUSTRIA)

DISTRIKT Steakhouse Wien (AUSTRIA)

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