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  • Patrick Ascher


RIVOLI Crème de Nuit Réparatrice is a customized solution to repair the skin and protect it against the day’s harmful external stress factors. I apply it every night after Le Visage Sérum Lumière by slightly massaging my skin in circular motions.

Rich in active ingredients capable of targeting the different skin aging mechanism, this cream is the basis of RIVOLI’s anti-aging protocol.

Rivoli skincare range for the face follows an anti-aging protocol stimulating the skin’s natural capacity to regenerate and repair from harmful external stress factors, to reinforce its protecting barrier. The skin is left perfectly moisturized, nourished, supple and full of radiance.

Aiming to perfectly imitate the natural multi-lamellar structure of a healthy human skin, it enables dry and sensitive skin to recover an efficient barrier to better fight against the aging process and external stress factors. Without over dosage, the skin is regenerated for a sustainable, efficient and long term youth.

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