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  • Patrick Ascher


The location of HOLZHOTEL FORSTHOFALM is unbeatable, set in the middle of the woods with stunning views at pure nature. The hotel has great character and is in superb condition. 

The rooms are excellent, very modern and thus matching the environment of the mountains offering nice views from the balcony. The spa area is fantastic including and outside infinite pool as well, so many areas to relax by the fire place and always fresh fruit, nuts, herbal waters and tea available. The view from the pool and the gym area is stunning. 

Breakfast buffet is outstanding - so many choices, homemade jam, good coffee and freshly baked bread of all sorts. I also appreciated the afternoon tea with soups, salads, pastries and cakes after a long day of skiing. Dinner menu was superb as well, menu always well thought through (with good vegetarian options available) and good quality food.

I love the fact that everything is so natural - with wood being the main material for the structure, the furniture and the decor.


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